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Tree Valley Archaeological and Environmental Education Center
Cultural Heritage
In the shape of a green kite, Tree Valley Education Center,located in Tree Valley Park, Xinshi Dist., Tainan City, attaches recycling concepts to energy saving, waste reduction, ecology, and sustainability. Moreover, constructing friendly buildings, which meets the double-factor authentication of green building and low
carbon, is a concrete commitment to embodying environmental sustainability.

[Promote social education and root deep]
Since Tree Valley Foundation was founded in 2008, it has been devoting to cultural conservation and focusing on promoting education of “archaeology”. Using daily life as the main idea with concepts of scientific investigation like the time axis and space axis leads students to put prehistoric images together. Also, it offers a fascinating glimpse of ancestors’ life, reflecting contemporary substances and the crisis behind them.

Afterward, Tree Valley Foundation passed environmental education facilities and venues authentication in 2019. It develops three theme-oriented topics, including archaeology, ecology, and agri-food. Through research, speculation, and cultural understanding, we’re trying to find the best balance between human beings and mother nature by seeing in ancestors and creatures’perspective. Hoping that environmental friendly attitudes can be implemented in daily life.

[The one and only simulated archaeological site]
If the time goes back, what would this world be like?“Sidewall” is the vertical plane of an archaeological site. We take 4 walls to record the land of Tainan and to reify ancestors’ life trajectories also environmental changes. In addition, constructing the largest and most realistic test pit in southern Taiwan makes participants do the actual diggings like an archaeologist and go through the process of scientific verification that is overthrown time after time.

[Tree, the protagonist; human being, the sidekick]
Build an environment to “grow with the tree”!
Growing up and learning about the land, cultural environment, and ecological environment, then pass on to the next generation safely. We are looking forward to seeing the smile on children’s faces, and also planting the seed of a friendly environment in their hearts.
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